DCHPC2022 Accepted Papers

Keivan Borna and Parsa Mohammadrezaei. Mining frequent spatial patterns in image databases with 17D-SPA representation
Safiye Ghasemi. GARP: A Novel Approach for Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing
Mohammad Taghi Faghihi Nezhad and Mahdi Rezaei. Stock price prediction using intelligent models, Ensemble Learning and feature selection
Mahdi Rezaei and Mohammad Taghi Faghihinechad. Real time supply chain Performance management A IoTbased framework for continuous improvement
Alireza Yaghoobnia and Manochehr Kazemi. A collocation method for the numerical solution of a class of linear stochastic integral equations based on Legendre polynomials
Asefeh Asemi, Ali Akbari and Adeleh Asemi. Comparative survey on the ways of access to managerial information
Muhammad Asad Arshed, Hadia Ghassan, Mubashar Hussain, Hassan Latif, Ayesha Kanwal and Rimsha Fayyaz. A Light Weight Deep Learning Model for Real World Plant Identification
Maral Kolahkaj. An image retrieval approach based on feature extraction and self-supervised learning
Hina Alam, Muhammad Shaharyar Yaqub and Ibrahim Nadir. Detecting IoT Attacks using Multi-Layer Data Through Machine Learning
Noor Ul Ain, Ali Irfan, Naima Altaf and Mahmood Ul Hassan. A Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Technique for Web Service Recommendation using Contextual Attributes of Web Services
Hafiz Ahsan Arshad, Mubashar Hussain, Ahmad Amin and Muhammad Asad Arshed. Impact of Artificial Intelligence in COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comprehensive Review
Abolfazl Rajaiyan and Somayeh Sobati-Moghadam. Optimized Power Consumption Formula for Designing IoT-Based Systems
Ali T. Lafta, Monireh Houshmand, Mahsa Khorrampanah and Ghassan Smaisim. Optimization of Modified Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (MANFIS) with Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm for Classification of Bone Cancer
Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Maedeh Dashti and Mina Zaiei. Hybrid Genetic-Environmental Adaptation Algorithm to Improve Parameters of COCOMO for Software Cost Estimation
Ahmad Azarnik, Arash Khosravi, Shahab Rezaian and Arash Moradi. A mutual one-time password for online application
Ali Ekhlasi, Mohammad Saleh Hoseinzadeh, Hessam Ahmadi and Aryan Ekhlasi. Development of an Ethernet-based patient remote monitoring device
Mohammad Mehdi Mazarei, Ali Asghar Behroozpour and Ali Vahidian Kamyad. A proposed numerical solution of a class of fuzzy quadratic programming problems
Asefeh Asemi, Adeleh Asemi and Andrea Ko. The AHP-TOPSIS based DSS for selecting suppliers of information resources
Mahsa Radnejad and Taghi Javdani Gandomani. Structure and criteria defining business value in agile software development based on hierarchical analysis